We prevent unplanned events severely impacting your business by helping you understand the risks your company faces and prepare for the day these occur

Events occur daily that threaten to impact the smooth running of your business. Regardless of their severity, you have no control over them. Yet you can control their significance to your organisation, if you’ve anticipated and prepared for them appropriately. As a senior executive/manager, you have a responsibility to minimise the impact of these events, to your staff, your stakeholders and your customers.

All organisations share two common characteristics. They’re powered by both processes and by people. The success of your own Company rests on the continuous exchange of information that can be acted upon in the right way and at the right time by the right people. Disrupt that process or peoples’ ability to communicate and your business faces a problem that can quickly escalate out of control. Failure to serve your market damages your reputation and creates a negative image. That’s a problem that you can’t afford to ignore.

How do you address such a threat?

By recognising the risks and planning to minimise their impact on your business through good Business Continuity Management (BCM).

BCM training is essential. The first step in Business Continuity Management is to understand its principles, how they can be applied and the benifits this will bring to your organisation.

“The reason we chose to engage CPA was because of their capacity to take the trouble to understand our business thoroughly and then demonstrate that convincingly in recommending approaches and strategies that fit with our culture, philosophy and method of working.”

Russell Husband, Assistant General Inspector, John Lewis Partnership